The business which is now Yare Books was formed in 2002 by its current owner Paul Ryan. It started out selling paperbacks on Ebay and then started listing hardbacks on ABE and then other major book listing sites. Now were are branching out with a new venture our own web site. The stock of books is over 150,000 many boxes of which were the remainder stock of  another bookseller who had died and have not yet been opened since they arrived 8 years ago, so every box brings surprises.




So far there are just under 18,000 books on line and 10,000 paperbacks which used to be on Ebay and are catalogued but offline. That means there are lots more to list and new stock is arriving weekly from the local auction house. If we do not have the book you want on line we may well have it in a box so please submit your wishlist.




Now about me I might submit a photograph online when I feel brave enough. I am an avid reader of detective fiction, I collect John Creasey books. I am currently into reading detective novels of the early 1900’s and finding this quite an experience as the style of writing is completely different. I will be setting up a Blog on which I will post reviews of books I have read and would welcome customers and browsers to do the same. I feel that if you are here you enjoy books and interchange between us may encourage other people to enlarge the type of books they read.